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Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk, Registered Psychologist, Founder & Creator

A Beautiful Beings Membership is like...

having your own Psychologist at your fingertips

whenever you need! 

Becoming a Beautiful Beings member allows you access highly valuable psychological information to address issues that one may experience across a lifespan.

Our content has been lovingly and creatively crafted drawing from 20+ years of applied psychological knowledge generated through Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk's actual clinical experience, as well as her supervision/training of masters students and Provisional Psychologists. You will benefit from the effective approaches and psychological teachings that she has offered within her clinical practice towards real struggles and challenges presented by her clients who have had the courage to explore, face, and process their pain to enrich their Being.

This membership is a way to share these teachings in very user friendly ways. Dedicated time and resources over the past year have gone into planning and creating materials to gather all in one place to benefit your learning, healing, and growth. We desire to provide a membership that will sustain your mental wellbeing and perhaps provide meaningful transformations along the way.  

We invite our members to similarly find their way home to their whole-being, develop a greater appreciation for themselves in their healing and growth journeys, and ultimately embrace living as a True Beautiful Being

Affordable Access to Psychological Knowledge

No more excuses! Now is the time to invest in your mental well being! Our membership has been affordably priced so that even those who may not have insurance coverage for 1-1 therapy can access mental health information and take action towards living their best life.

Learn Your Way & On Your Schedule   

Listen, Watch, or Read - Our membership is packed full of resources that have been crafted to suit various learning and interest styles. On your own time and in the comfort of your own space, you can easily navigate to the membership area of choice and indulge in your own self-care.

Life Long Mental Wellness

The primary purpose of our Beautiful Beings Membership is to offer information in various ways to support our members to face, heal, and grow through their challenges AND encourage our members to engage in continuous efforts towards living their healthiest, abundant, TRUE to SELF life. 

**This membership is not intended to replace your psychologist, rather provide additional resources to offer ongoing insight and self-help strategies independent of or alongside of psychological services. 

Our Goal is to GROW our Membership According to our Members' Needs.


We Want to Hear From You!


Let us know what you'd like to learn more about so we can add it to our growing list!

Founder & Creator of Beautiful Beings Membership

Aspirations Inc. CEO

Learn More About Us

Aspirations Inc. has had a long standing commitment to increasing mental health awareness by offering mental health education to reduce stigma, and supporting affordable access to mental health services.

Mental Health is an EVERY DAY activity!

My vision is to create an online community of members who share an interest and commitment to life long learning and discovery about themselves. Members with open minds, hearts and souls who have the ultimate intention to grow beyond life's challenges AND actively engage in creating a life in which their whole being is embraced with love, compassion, and understanding so they can achieve living in aligned harmony.


wise up

A safe place for you to LEARN from the various topic areas presented by our clients over years of practice and delivered in various ways so that you can choose the learning style that allows you to ABSORB and RELATE.

conscious conjuring

Supporting you to move from Insight to Action when you are ready by shifting your attention towards plan creation. Integrating what you have learned into your conscious plans of actions that move you towards the life you want to live and suggesting steps along the way.

love blasts

Reminders to LOVE yourSELF through whatever moment you find yourself experiencing. You are a Beautiful Being that has this ONE precious LIFE to Live - Choose Love to Guide you Through!

book nook

Recommended Self-Help Books by our clients and team members. Choose to purchase (via Amazon) books already listed, Read & Join Discussions with other members through our comments feature. Recommend a Read of your choice to be considered for selection to the Book Nook. 

learning hub

Contains access to the courses that your membership is eligible throughout your subscription period. The courses follow the our main content categories released over time at a pace that supports consistent growth.  

Membership & Live Event Fees


Consistent & Reflective Growth

  • Main Content Areas
  • New Content Added Monthly
  • Attend Live Events at Discounted Price
  • Access to purchased Live Event Replays for 30 days post event
  • Content Expires at end of  each Month
  • 10% Discount on Digital Product Offerings






Immersive & Integrative Growth

  • Main Content Areas
  • New Content Added Monthly
  • Exclusive Featured Content 
  • Growing Live Events & Replays
  • Content & Replays Expire on Subscription Date
  • 15% Discount on Digital Product Offerings

$ 890


$74.17/mo (billed annually)



Life Long Growth

  • Main Content Areas
  • New Content Added Monthly
  • Exclusive Featured Content 
  • Growing Live Events
  • Content & Replays NEVER Expires
  • 25% Discount on Digital Product Offerings



One Time Payment



Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

Connect in to explore topics of personal growth from a psychological framework in my 90 minute Live Events.  Live events are open to everyone to attend - share, explore, inquire, and reflect on the psychological topic being featured. Beautiful Being members enter at a discounted rate.  

Members $45


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Maximize Your Membership !

Choose a specific content area (e.g. Wise Up) - Explore all posts related to that content area

Search a specific topic (e.g. attachment) - Explore all posts related to a specific topic across all content areas

Go to our Learning Hub to explore our series topic courses which display our Wise up, Conscious Conjuring, Love Blasts & Book Nook content areas within a new series topic each month      

Become a BLOOM or EMBODY Member to Gain access to our Exclusive Featured Content - Providing in-depth coverage on specific topics requested by our members 

Attend our Growing Live Events with Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk - 90 minute discussions over zoom offering Q& A for our featured topics or exploring other popular topics requested by our members 

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Membership Faq

How do I access the membership once I purchase?

Once you purchase your membership you will be given immediate access: an email with your login credentials will be sent and you will be redirected to our login page where you would insert your username and password. 

Type of Memberships Available?

Currently we offer  3 membership levels with either monthly, yearly or lifetime options.  Sprout Members gain access to our main areas of main content, learning hub series, and can purchase discounted access to live events. Bloom & Embody gain access to featured content and live events as part of their membership. Main difference is how long various content is accessible to you the membership levels. Our top tier membership, Embody, is a lifetime membership with access to all content without expiration. Sprout & Bloom members have access to their content until their subscription year end date. If memberships are renewed, these members will have gain access to new content but the previous year content will be removed. Bloom members have their subscription period to access live replays, whereas Sprout members have 30 days after purchase to live event.

Can I cancel my membership after purchase?

Memberships can be cancelled at any time without refund. Access to your membership will remain until subscription renewal date.  Please refer to our Refunds & Returns Policy for further information. 

What can I expect once I become a member?

Members can enjoy all of the content and offerings provided exclusively to our members in accordance to the membership level purchased. Members will have access to all content delivered to the membership according to their membership level. 

What are the subscription lengths?

Each subscription recurs on either a monthly or yearly basis. Yearly subscriptions will renew each year on the original date of purchase.  Our Embody Membership is a Lifetime Membership with a one time payment. 

Do I need to be a member to attend a live event?

No. Both Members and Non-members are able to attend Live Events. Depending upon membership type, members will either have a reduced fee or no fee to attend.

Can I get access to Featured Content without being a member?

No. Only active BLOOM & EMBODY members have access to our Featured Content displayed within the membership. As a Sprout member you are welcome to submit a suggestion about the topics of interest but if we create content on that topic you would need to purchase a  BLOOM or EMBODY membership to access the  Featured Content.